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How to Get US Student Visa?

US Student Visa is also called as American F1 Visa and  the most widely used type of visa  between student visas. To get US Student Visa takes time but it is easier than you think and will be worth the efforts. ; if you apply right steps.The number of student visas issued by the United States has grown significantly last few years. After being admitted to a US study program, you have the right to apply for visa.

How to Get US Student Visa?
How to Get US Student Visa?

First you need to pay the SEVIS I-901 that is necessary for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. Your school or your university will send a form submitted by US Immigration and Naturalization Service that confirms you have been accepted into an institute. This form is called as I-20. You need to read this form and sign it. Then you need to complete DS-160 form that requires much personal and financial information.

Then you need to pay fee for visa. The next step is interview. You need to be successful in interview to get student visa. Wait times for interview changes according to season and country. We recommend you to apply for interview as soon as possible when you decided to go USA. According to regulations; student can get I-20 visa 120 days before the study start day. Some documents are necessary for interview, these are:

  • Diploma and a certified copy of your diploma
  •  All certificates until you have received to date
  • Passport
  • DS-160 Form
  • Fee payment receipt
  • Passport photo
  • I-20 Form

Sometimes scores of exams like Toefl can be necessary too. You should know that visa is not guaranteed. Sometimes visa can fail. We recommend you to prepare all documents properly and be careful for interview. You need to look serious, answer questions correctly and clearly, be calm and professional to be successful in interview.



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