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Ukraine Student Visa

Ukraine Student Visa
Ukraine Student Visa

If you are international students; you may necessary to get Ukraine student visa. Citizens of Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, and Russia do not have to get student visa to study in Ukraine. Other students have to get visa.

How to get Ukraine student visa?

First; you should receive invitation letter from Ukraine University. After you receive it; apply nearest Ukrainian embassy in your home country. Before you go; you need to prepare some documents that embassy required. First of all as I mentioned invitation letter is necessary. Then you need to prepare and complete application form, birth certificate, at least 1 year valid passport, passport-sized photographs, medical health certificate, medical insurance confirmation letter,  HIV/AIDS test are necessary for Ukraine student visa application. Health certificate and HIV/AIDS test should be taken two months before you start study in Ukraine.  Some documents should be translated in Ukrainian. This translations are done by embassy with an affordable cost. Applicants should proof they will leave country after study is over; so open ended return ticket need to prepared to apply visa. Higher secondary education certification with transcript have to be taken. Additional documents might be necessary. That can change according which degree that you apply for. Migration card will be controlled in airport. This car is prepared by Ukrainian embassy and filled at airport.  This card has two sections; one of them will be taken by immigration officer; other one is yours. You have to keep this card as long as you stay in Ukraine. In some countries Ukraine student visa applications are done in specific months.



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