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Swiss Student Visa

Swiss Student Visa
Swiss Student Visa

If you want to study abroad in Switzerland; you may need Swiss student visa. When it comes to visa; many people think that is difficult process. But if you prepare right documents it is not so difficult. First you need to learn that if you need visa or not. If you are citizen of EU member country, you do not have to get Swiss Student Visa. But you will residence permit; you need to apply in 14 days when you arrive in Switzerland. If you are not citizen of EU member country; you need to get visa.

How to Apply Swiss Student Visa?

There are two visas are available for international students. These are type C and type D visas. Type C is proper for stay Switzerland less than 90 days. You need apply for type D visa if you stay longer.

Before you apply for Swiss Student Visa; you need to get acceptance letter from university. A receipt that shows you paid tuition fee is also required for application.

Necessary documents for Type C visa are; application form, passport, two passport photos, evidence of health insurance, return ticket, acceptance letter, tuition fee payment. Students who want to apply Type D visa must prepare; copies of diploma, bank statements, and CV. Applicants should write a letter confirming that they leave Switzerland at the end of course. Students also prepare letter to explain why they want to study in Switzerland and study plans after Switzerland. You need to go embassy in your country with these documents.


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