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Romanian Student Visa

 Romanian Student Visa
Romanian Student Visa

You might need Romanian student visa to study in Romania according to your home country. Students that are citizens of EU and EAA countries, Canada, Croatia, Japan, Moldova, South Korea, Switzerland, USA and Serbia are not required to get Romanian students visa for studying in there. All other students have to apply for visa. First you need to get acceptance letter from Ministry of Education in Romania. Then you can apply for visa; visa process can take 2 months.

 Romanian Student Visa: Requirements

Some documents are required for Romanian student visa applications: These are:

  • Letter of acceptance that comes from Romanian Ministry of Education
  • Proof of payment that shows you pay tuition fee for one year
  •  Proof of financial ability that is enough your studying period in Romania; this amount is approximately  2500 Euros
  • Criminal record certificate
  •  Medical insurance that is valid entire length of your study in Romania

Some additional documents might be required for Romanian student visa. Get information about it from Romanian consulate in your home country. With all these required documents you need to apply Romanian consulate in your home country. After you arrive Romania; you have to apply for residence permit. This permit is valid for 1 year. Some documents are necessary for application. You need to complete application form from immigration office. Proof of tuition fee payment, acceptance letter from Ministry of Education, medical certificate taken from public or private medical institutions in Romania are necessary. Other required documents are recent passport photos, tax payment receipts, bank statement that shows you have at least 2500 USD.


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