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Norway Student Visa

Norway Student Visa
Norway Student Visa

If you want to study in Norway; you will need Norway student visa. Some students may not need visa according to time of stay and nationality. Students that are citizen of Iceland, Denmark, Sweden or Finland do not need to get visa for study in Finland. But if they stay more than 6 months; they must report it to tax office.  European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) nations students also do not need visa. All other students have to get Norway student visa to stay and study in this country. And if these students want to study here more than 3 months; residence permit is also required.

How to Get Norway Student Visa?

To apply for Norway student visa, you have to admit from Norway university first. Applications can be done via online or you can apply by going closest Norwegian embassy or consulate. Some documents are necessary for visa application. Valid passport, residence permit form, completed application form, application fee receipt, your recent photograph, acceptance  letter from university that shows you are student of full-time program. Enough financial funds is necessary for applicant, evidence of fund is necessary. This fund should cover expenses for the entire period of study. Students also have to have an evidence of they have a place to live in Norway. Applicants have to show that they will leave country when the residence permit expire comes. A return ticket is necessary to show it. Applicants need to complete all of these necessary documents for apply Norway student visa.



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