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Italy Student Visa

Italy Student Visa
Italy Student Visa

If you will study in Italy; you might need to apply Italy student visa. If your course takes less than 90 days; Schengen visa or short stay visa is required. But your course lasts more than 90 days you have to get long term student visa to study in Italy.

Italy Student Visa: Eligibility and Requirements

Following conditions is required to become eligible for Italy student visa:

  • You must get official acceptance letter from Italian university.
  • Valid passport that have at least 2 blank pages is required.
  • The validity of your passport must exceed  the duration of the visa
  • You need to complete and sign all visa application forms.
  • You have to proof your financial situation and it has to cover your expenses during the time that you study in Italy.
  • Details of your return ticket and copy of your flight itinerary are required.
  • You have to proof that you have valid health and medical insurance covers duration of your stay in Italy.
  • You must not have criminal record if you want to get Italy student visa.

How to Apply for Italy Student Visa?

After you get acceptance letter from university; you can start Italy student visa applications. First; you have to complete application form; you can download this form from the internet. Give information about required documents from Italian Consulate in your home country. Gather all the required documents and recent photographs. Photos can’t be older than 6 months. Submit your application form and required documents to Italian Consulate and pay the fee. Then wait for visa!



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