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Greece Student Visa

Greece Student Visa
Greece Student Visa

If you want to study abroad in Greece; you might need Greece student visa. First; you need to determine which institutions you choose in Greece; then apply for admission. You can get detailed information and complete necessary forms. Than; you might need to apply for Greece student visa according to nationality.

EU and EEA countries students will not require student visa to stay in Greece. But if they stay more than 90 days; they have to get EU and EEA countries for stay in Greece more. Greece is also member of Schengen area. So; U.S citizens will enter in Greece without visa up to 90 days. The situation is same for other countries in Schengen area. All other students have to apply for Greece student visa.

How to Apply Greece Student Visa?

You need to prepare some documents for visa; prepare them and deliver Greece embassy in your home country. The general documents are listed below:

  • Completed application form
  • Valid passport
  • Official acceptance that comes from one of the Greek education institutions
  • Passport photo
  • Medical certificate
  • Criminal record
  • Proof of financial situation that shows you have enough finance for the time that you spend in Greece
  • International health insurance

These are basic documents that generally required. Documents can change according to embassy in your country. Please get detailed information about documents from Greek embassy in your home country. This process can take 2-3 months; so it is good to start application as soon as possible. Visa fee is also required; and also an interview might be necessary.


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