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Canada Study Permit

Canada Study Permit
Canada Study Permit

If you want to study in Canada; you have to get Canada study permit instead of Canada student visa. Applicants who stay in Canada less than six months do not have to get Canada study permit. You can apply to renew study permit after you get if you want to continue study in here.

How to Apply Canada Study Permit?

You can apply for Canada study permit via online or by application papers that are obtained from Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Paper applications take more time; so online applications are easier. The documents required changes according to your location.

To apply for Canada study permit; first you have been accepted from Canadian higher education institute.  Students studying in Quebe have to get certificate of acceptance from the government of Quebec for application. This certificate is known as CAQ. You must get is before applying for study permit in Canada. The next step is to get Canadian student visa application package from Canada embassy in your home country or CIC website. You need to answer few questions on CIC website to get application package. This answers determine you are eligible or not. If you are eligible you will get personal checklist code which is valid for 60 days. The page that containing this code is necessary for other steps; print it. Then create MyCIC account by using your code. You will receive personal document checklist that shows required documents. Once you gather all the documents; complete form and pay application fee; send required documents to CIC and submit your application.


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