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Study Abroad Checklist

Study Abroad Checklist
Study Abroad Checklist

If you will study abroad; you need to complete study abroad checklist. While you are waiting the time that you will travel; it is good to start packing and preparing. Some points are very important and should not be missed. Here; we have compiled study abroad checklist for you.

Study Abroad Checklist

  1. Passport

I know you think that nobody forgets passport. But you need to be careful; passport has to remain valid for the duration of studying abroad program.

  1.  Student visa

You may need student visa too. This is depending on country that you will go. For example if you are citizen of EU member countries, you will not need visa to study in one of the EU member country. It also depends on how long will you stay in this country. Students should get detailed information from embassy or consulate of country that they will go.

  1. Education and Living Finance

Students should be sure they have enough finance that covers expenses during travel. Students need to converting money according to the country. It is good to do it before you going to airport.

  1.  Scholarships

Many students want to study abroad but they are worrying about financial parts. Scholarships can help students to solve these financial problems. First of all; you should take a look university website. Because; universities offer scholarships for international students. If it is not available, look government scholarships or other bursaries. See if you are eligible or not. Do not miss deadline and necessary documents for applications.


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