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What is an MBA?

What is an MBA?
What is an MBA?

We all heard about MBA, but what is an MBA? MBA is the most popular graduate programs abroad and it means Master of Business Administration. Today, about 35% of the senior executives of the world’s largest company completes MBA degree. This ratio increases every year.  According to research commissioned by the MBA Association in the UK, graduates gets higher salary than they expected. MBA education provides technical information on individual business administration and improves leadership skills. You will get major element to strengthen the CV by MBA degree.

What is an MBA? : All about MBA

Today studying MBA in banking or other financial sector is the thing that almost everyone wants. Because it is huge opportunity for career. Students that completed the bachelor’s degree in any field apply MBA programs with their transcripts, English language proficiency certificates, GMAT scores, work experience and references. MBA programs generally consist finance, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, information management, e-commerce, human resources and general business courses. There are over a thousand colleges and universities worldwide that offers MBA programs. MBA program is one academic year in the UK, 1 or 2 years in Australia and 2 years in U.S.  In European countries usually it takes a year.

Costs of MBA is very variable so you might be confused about it. Differences in MBA fees affects people’s choice and make it more difficult. But you should know MBA fee is not a direct indicator of education quality. In England MBA fees generally start from £7,500 and reaches up to £25,000. In U.S. fees are chancing between $8.000-50,000.



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