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Master’s in Norway

Master's in Norway
Master’s in Norway

Master’s in Norway is one of the best choices for international students. Because students do not required to pay tuition fees for master studies. International students can find many master’s degree programmes in English here. There are state universities, state university colleges and specialized universities in Norway; but biggest portion of students study in state universities.

Master’s in Norway: Details and Requirement

Norway education system is compatible with Bologna Process. So; first cycle is bachelor’s degree and master’s degree comes after that. Applicants must have bachelor’s degree to apply master’s in Norway. Master’s degree classes takes 2 years in Norway and students complete 120 ECTS credits.  Master’s programmes consists courses and seminars in your subject area. All master’s degree students must complete a thesis in a relevant subject to get this degree and finish programme. At the end of the study; you will get an oral exam. First of all you will give a presentation about your researches during master’s degree programme. Oral defense of master’s thesis comes after that.

To apply master’s in Norway; applicants must hold bachelor’s degree in relevant subject. Your previous qualifications, experiences are necessary for applications. You need to explain clearly your career goals and why you choose this subject. Big portion of master’s programme taught in English. So you need to get test to proof your English proficiency. Students have to get residence permit if they stay here more than 3 months. Citizens f Nordic countries do not required to get residence permit. You need to apply Norwegian Foreign Mission to get this permit.


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