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Master’s Degrees in Greece

Master's Degrees in Greece
Master’s Degrees in Greece

Study master’s degrees in Greece gives students so many opportunities. Education system of Greece highly improved and has a long history. Higher education system in Greece is compatible with Bologna Process. Greece universities separated into two categories according to training they offer. These are The University Sector and The Technological Sector. Let’s get details about them:

The Technological Sector: The Technological Sector focuses on professional training. You can study master’s programmes in technical sector; but number of courses are less than The University Sector.

The University Sector: The University Sector focuses on theoretical subjects. There are 22 universities are in this sector and you can find master’s degree programmes from all of them.

Master’s Degrees in Greece: Details and Eligibility

Master’s degree is second cycle for Greece education system as a result of Bologna Process. And the degree called as Postgraduate Specialized Diplomas. In general master’s degrees in Greece consists lectures and seminar; these are supported with supervised practical studies.

Each higher education institutions has their own application criteria and procedure. So deadlines change according to university. But in general, they have similar requirements. Applicants must have Bachelor’s degree diploma for applying master’s degrees in Greece. University courses are generally taught in Greek. But some of the postgraduate courses are taught in English. To attract more international students; the number of English taught programmes are increase each year.

Higher education is not free for master’s degree international students. Students have to cover tuition fees. But you can benefit some scholarship options like Greek Government Scholarships for Foreign Students.


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