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Master’s in Denmark

Master's in Denmark
Master’s in Denmark

To study master’s in Denmark popular choice for international students. Denmark higher education is one of the best of Europe and has a good reputation. Study master’s in Denmark will give you to change study world recognized universities. Let’s get some details about master’s programmes and application.

Master’s in Denmark: Eligibility and Details

There are three types of higher education institutions but only one of them offers master’s degree programs. You can get master’s in Denmark only from universities. Higher education is compatible with Bologna Process that means master’s degree education comes after bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree courses consists compulsory, elective and thematic courses in Denmark. Master degree ends with preparation of thesis. There are many English taught master’s programmes are in Denmark and that appeals international students.

How to Apply Master’s in Denmark?

As a result of Bologna Program; applicants have to get bachelor’s degree to study master’s in Denmark. You need to proof your language skills to. This changes according to course; can be English or Danish. For English profiency IELTS or TOEFL score is required. Minimum 6.5 IELTS score and 94-101 TOEFL score is required for master’s degree programmes. There are some documents are necessary for application; these can change with university but in general following documents are required:

  • Academic transcript of bachelor’s degree
  • Bachelor diploma
  • Your CV
  • Copy of your passport
  • Language profiency test results

Nordic citizen or EU member citizens do not required to get visa and residence permit for studying in Denmark. But these students have to register Danish autorities if they stay here more than 3 months. All other students have to get student visa for study master’s in Denmark.


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