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Master’s in Belgium

Master's in Belgium
Master’s in Belgium

Are you looking for master programme in Europe, master’s in Belgium can be a good alternative. Belgium is very welcoming place for international students. Studying in Belgium provides many advantages for students. First of all; 3 official languages are available. These are Dutch, French and German. So; you have 3 alternatives; this language flexibility is really attracting. If you know one of them, things will be easier for you. Many museums, old architecture, many institutes are waiting for you. You can easily travel in Europe to near countries while you are studying master’s in Belgium. This will be a good and unforgettable experience for you.  Belgium has several successful universities for international students. That makes here perfect for master’s degree.

Study Master’s in Belgium

Many masters’ programme takes 2 years in Belgium. Many courses include independent research project. Some of the programmes last 1 year; but the number of them is not too much. Academic year starts September and lasts to July. Master’s degree programmes are generally French, Dutch and German. Master’s is second step in Belgium education systems and comes after bachelor’s degree. So students that graduate from bachelor’s degree can apply master’s in Belgium. The next step is doctoral degree; this degree adds extra benefits to your career. But even after you finish master’s in Belgium; your changes to find a professional job in Belgium increases.

EU and EEA citizens should not get visa for study in Belgium. Other international students should get a student’s visa for master’s programme. As you know Belgium is Schengen area, so once you get a visa it is possible to travel tree in other  Schengen countries.




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