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Master’s in US

Master's in US
Master’s in US

Master’s in US is very popular and US has the biggest international student potential. Because world’s most successful and prestigious universities in US. This is a really popular place for international students, because courses are English and choices, offers many different opportunities. 750.000 students come US as international students.US has the highest number of education institutions as private and public. United States has many higher education institutions; the number is more than other countries. Universities in US use highest technologies and have amazing research opportunities. Students can change their courses and transfer into different course easily, education system offers high flexibility. Length of master’s in US changes according to course you take. It generally changes between one and three years.

Student Visa for Master’s in US

All international students should get a visa for studying master’s in US. If you are recognized from famous university; applications are easier for you. There are some documents necessary for application; these can change from country, ask it about local embassy. But generally application fee, application forms, passport, photographs are necessary. An interview with embassy may be required.

Cost of Master’s in US

Tuition fees of master’s in US vary according to programme that you apply and the institutions. To study master’s degree in US public universities; costs changes between $20,000 -$30,000 per year. But do not worry; you have many options for funding. Universities and some institutions provide scholarships for international students. Scholarships will cover tuition fee and some of them also covers living expenses of international students.


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