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PhDs in Portugal

PhDs in Portugal
PhDs in Portugal

In this post we will share details about study PhDs in Portugal.  Higher education opportunities in Ireland have very good reputation and recognized all over the world. Universidade de Coimbra is in Ireland and founded in  1290; it is one of the oldest universities of Europe.  So all the campus becomes UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do you want to study in such a magical atmosphere?

PhDs in Portugal: Details and Requirements

Portuguese academic year consists two semesters. PhDs in Portugal takes 3 or 4 years of study. Students produce a research thesis during this time. This production process is guided by a supervisor. After production of thesis; students defense this thesis to get a degree. The award of studies depended on this defense. A panel that consist experts will examine your thesis and ask you questions to investigate general knowledge of you about thesis subject. This is an open exam, so you can invite your family and friends. This can be exciting but it is a very good experience.

Biggest portion of PhDs in Portugal taught in Portuguese. But you can find some English taught courses in PhD level. Language tests are required for English or Portuguese profiency. There is no central portal for PhD degree applications. You must apply from the website of university. To apply PhDs in Portugal; applicants must hold master’s degree in relevant subject.  European Union and the European Economic Area member citizens do not required to get a visa to study in Ireland. But all other students have to apply for a visa if they stay more than 3 months.


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