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PhD in Norway

PhD in Norway
PhD in Norway

Will you start studying PhD in Norway? You can find all information about it here. Norway has many excellent universities and one of them is top 100 lists. Higher education system becomes globalized to appeal more international students. English taught classes support this idea.

PhD in Norway: Details and Eligibility

Norway universities offer range variety of fields and subjects for higher education. There are two kinds of institutions as state accredited universities and private universities in Norway. Some of these private institutions have PhD programs but the number of programs are low. So; state accredited universities provide more choice to study PhD in Norway. In Norway; academic year starts August and ends in June.

The education system is adapted to Bologna process. So first step is bachelor’s program, then master’s degree and after that PhD degree. There are 2 different type of PhD degrees in Norway. First one is called as organized PhD. This is the common type and similar with doctoral programs in Europe. The second option is free degrees. In this type PhD students directly apply with completed thesis; so they do not require time for normal PhD studying schedule. To get PhD in Norway; you will have an exam after you complete thesis. Examination is done by committee that contains at least three academic experts.

Students that complete Master’s degree are eligible for apply PhD in Norway. The application step changes by institution, it is good to get information from them. You need to complete all applications from and clearly explain your study subject. Other documents might be necessary; get information from institution.


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