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PhD in Italy

PhD in Italy
PhD in Italy

To study PhD in Italy will be the most beautiful experience in your life and important step for your future career. It i not just about education; Italy is amazing country with rich history, historic buildings, delicious Italian foods. I can say Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for tourists and students. You can study PhD in Italy, universities offer high variety of courses. Italy is also known with affordable tuition fees. Italian universities are prestigious; they were established hundred years ago.

PhD in Italy: Details

You heard Bologna system that consists three cycles. This system is introduced by Italy. There are many public universities in Italy. But there are also a few private universities too. The main difference is related with tuition fees. Tuition fee is higher for private universities.

PhD in Italy takes three or four years.  PhD students get specialist training in the area that they choose in Doctoral Schools. The main activity is doing researches and attending seminars in PhD level education. Many experts will guide PhD students for their researches and studies. PhD level courses are generally Italian; but some of them taught in English for international students. Academic season starts in September and ends in July.

I mentioned Bologna cycle above. Since PhD degree is third cycle; to apply PhD program you need to complete second cycle. So; students that get master’s degree can apply PhD in Italy. There might be an entrance exam for some universities. Interview is applied to most PhD degree students in Italy.


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