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PhD in Greece

PhD in Greece
PhD in Greece

Greece is famous with academic heritage and if you want to PhD in Greece all details are here. Platonic school at Academia was in Athens and it is the first higher education institution in world. Modern Greek higher education is quite successful and also provide many scholarship. Athens is the center of researches and PhD students. You heard about Bologna Process; and Greece is one of the participant. When you study PhD in Greece; you can visit beautiful places in Greece and enjoy Mediterrian climate and sea.

PhD in Greece: Details and Eligibility

There are 22 institutions in Greece that offers PhD degree courses. Academic year starts in September and ends August; that consist two semesters. PhD programs are really similar with Europe PhD programs. So; the main aim is to prepare original research project. This preparation takes 3-6 years. As many other PhD programs; supervision is required. Supervision will be arranged by your institution. In general; a committee makes this supervision job for PhD students.

After you complete your research project and write it according to standard; the next step will begin. Submission and exam is next step. Exam process is complicated and consist some steps. First; initial committee a member of your supervision team and at least 2 external experts will assess your thesis. If you pass this examination next step is oral examination and defense. The defense is done in front of a panel of experts. PhD in Greece generally taught in Greek. But you can find some English programs; they becomes more popular each year.


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