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PhD in Germany

PhD in Germany
PhD in Germany

Are you looking for PhD degree abroad; in this post you can find all details about PhD in Germany. Germany is famous with excellent education system and universities. This is why; thousands of international students come here every year for higher education. Germany also gives importance to research studies especially in medical, and social areas. Each year over 25,000 doctoral candidates start studying PhD in Germany; this makes Germany top country in Europe for doctoral training.

PhD in Germany: Details

First; I will explain German education system. There are two kinds of higher education institutions in Germany. First one is university. This type offers many different subjects and doctorate degrees to students. Second type is called as Fachhochschulen. It focuses on specific subjects such as engineering, business administration, design and social sciences. Students can’t get doctorate degrees from Fachhochschulen.

Like the other countries; doctorate students prepare and publish. The aim of PhD program is to prepare and publish a written doctoral thesis. Then this thesis is examined, oral examination follows this.

You do not pay tuition fee for studying PhD in Germany. But; institutions will require administrative fee; and that changes according to institutions. But I can say this fee is very affordable and changes between 50-250 euros. Students that study traditional doctorate with supervisor provide necessary funding themselves. And also supervisor may nominate students to get grant according to financial situation of student. PhD students can apply for scholarship. Funding is provided by many different organizations. Eligibility can change by subject and field of your study.


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