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PhD in South Korea

PhD in South Korea
PhD in South Korea

Graduate education in South Korea is well respected all around the world, in this post we will give information about PhD in South Korea. Seoul National University in South Korea is in the world top universities list. South Korea has the good universities in Asia.

PhD in South Korea: Details

PhD degree studies focus on science and technology in South Korea. Of course you can find courses in other fields  but these are popular ones. Higher education system is similar with Bologna Process. Masters degree comes after undergraduate level; and PhD degree follows master’s degree. Language seems like a problem for you, but many master’s degree courses are taught in English. Korean universities have many scholarship programs for international students. Some of them cover all tuition fees and some of them are partial. You need to check on them from the website of university that you have been admitted. Government also provides funding for international students. Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students is proper option to study PhD in South Korea. This scholarship covers partial living expenses and travel costs of international students. You can get detailed information and see if you are eligible from government website.

Tuition fees are chancing according to course that you choose. But in general; fees start from $4,000 and goes up to  $8,000. Private institutions are more expensive; they are almost twice time expensive than public and national universities.

Eligibility features changes according to institutions. You have to get a master’s degree in a subject to applying for PhD degree course in South Korea.


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