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Recommendation Letters For US Universities

Many of US universites want recommendation letters from students to apply. The number of letters can change according to university but generally 2-3 letters are necessary. If you need recommendation letters for US Universities you need to consider some important points to be successful.

How to Choose Referees?

Recommendation Letters For US Universities
Recommendation Letters For US Universities

You may be wondering how to choose referees. You need to choose referees carefully; and ask for teachers, counselors to recommend you. This letters have a role on your application; and really week letter will reduce your change to get in university. Teachers that know you well are good choices as your referees. After you choose referees you need to send these letters to university. Some universities allow online reference letters, and some of them want printed letters. Do not miss deadline. There are some information can be included in recommendation letters. First; referees should give information about your academical career and your success, your personal skills and character, campus life, your contributions to university, and future academic aims. The relationship between student and referee should be explained too. All of these points should be highlighted clearly in recommendation letter.

Do not forget give information about deadline date and tell how to submit these letters to your referees. And give information about the criteria of university that you have applied. So referees will prepare a letter according to it. Recommendation letter should not be exaggerated. Letter should be modest and clear; and should not include unnecessary information. For US universities descriptive letters are generally ideal.


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