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Study in Portugal

Study in Portugal
Study in Portugal

Do you want to study in Portugal? Portugal has rich cultural history and it is one of the most peaceful places in world. Quality of life is also really high and it is in the 19th place in world. Every year Portugal becomes choice thousands of international students. There are many university and institute options are waiting for students here. 35 of them are public university and 94 of them are private institutions. There is a difference between them. While universities focus on theoretical education, polytechnics institutions appeals more vocational studies.

Study in Portugal: Eligibility and Details

Students should have high school diploma recognized by a Portuguese embassy to apply. Each school has their own online application forms and requires some document. Students have to complete this form and documents. International students that come from EU countries do not need student visa. Other students have to get student visa to study in Portugal. If you study in Portugal more than 3 months; you need to apply for residence permit. The requirements and documents change according to university. So; students should get detailed information from university websites. Be careful about application deadlines.

Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages in Europe, but do not worry. If you do not know Portuguese you can get English courses. Some courses are taught in English for international students especially for master and PhD degree courses. If you want to apply one of these English taught programme you need to proof your English skill. 5.5-6.5 IELTS score is required.


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