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Study Abroad in Russia

Study Abroad in Russia
Study Abroad in Russia

Russia has the best medical and engineering universities; if you interested in that fields study abroad in Russia is one of the best choices. Studying in Russia is very advantageous. There are many private and government intuitions in Russia. Higher education of Russia is globally and competitive. That makes there a good place for higher education. To study in Russia is also cheap. Most of the universities cover tuition fee of international students by scholarships. State and private universities have many different higher education programs. If you want to study in state university; you may have to pay tuition fee partial. There is an entrance exam for students and fee changes according to your success in these exams.

Study Abroad in Russia: Requirements

You need to prepare some documents to apply program in Russia. These are:

  • Application form
  • Copy of diploma or educational certificate that shows you are eligible to apply for higher education program.
  • Medical certificate is required to study abroad in Russia. General health condition report, X-Ray and HIV test results are necessary.
  • Valid passport
  • Bank transfer that shows you pay tuition fee

Some additional documents may be necessary. Some universities may want different documents.

The education system is changed in Russia. Bachelor’s degree becomes 4 years and master’s degree lasts 2 years. PhD degree studies are different for Russia. After finishing higher education course; students start 3 years of postgraduate studies. This degree ends with prepare thesis and students get Candidate of Science title. This is equivalent to PhD degree in US.


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