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USA PhD Scholarships

USA PhD Scholarships
USA PhD Scholarships

PhD  is a difficult process takes four to seven years according to your faculty. Usually students will take the required lessons for the first two years .Then students will start to research and prepare thesis after 3rd grade; and contribute actively to scientific works. PhD in United States is very expensive and costs will very high for 4-7 years education progress. So; you may need USA PhD Scholarships to afford it. PhD student have higher change to get scholarship than master students. Full scholarship will meet all educational and living expenses. There are 4 different types of scholarships:

  1. Fellowship: If you get fellowship you do not pay any money to university and get monthly salary that meets all your living expenses. This type of scholarship is the best and ideal one. Monthly salary is really enough for living in US.
  2. Teaching assistantship: This scholarship is also providing your all educational expenses and pay salary; but  in return it you have to lecture some courses to license class. Usually you read one of the main lessons or be responsible of problem solving or discussion class. To get this scholarship; students must know English very well.
  3. Research Assistantship: This scholarship provides educational costs, gives you salary and expects you to work as an assistant of professors. This scholarship is not generally proper for first year.
  4. Graduate Assistantship: University provides all of your educational costs, pay you salary and expects you to help a professor but not in teaching and research areas. Some schools are bringing these proposals to the first year students.


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