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Netherlands Scholarships

Netherlands Scholarships
Netherlands Scholarships

Financial support is very important for studying abroad; you can find different Netherlands scholarships options. Dutch government and universities provide funding for international students. Let’s get details about them.

Netherlands Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships are divided into 2 categories as government and university scholarships.

Government Scholarships

The Netherlands Fellowship Programs:  Funding covers educational costs, travel expenses and living costs of international students. This fellowship is provided for professionals. It is available for master’s and PhD degree students. 

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: This a scholarship of European Commission and appeals international students. Both EU and non EU students can apply for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships.

University Scholarships

University of Twente Scholarships: 30 students are awarded with this scholarship each year. This is available for international students.

The Hague University’s World Citizen Talent Scholarship: This scholarship is given to 54 undergraduate international students and nine graduate students. The amount is 5,000 euros and it is given annually. Talented, ambitious students from all around the world are eligible. Students have to come from outside of Europe to apply this scholarship.

University of Gronigen Talent Grant: Eric Bleumink Fund: This scholarship covers tuition, travel and living expenses and health insurance of students.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships: This scholarship cover between percent25-100 of tuition fee of students. Outstanding master’s students outside EU can apply this scholarship. Students must have prior academic success take it.

Utrecht University Excellence Scholarships: Each year 55 scholarships are provided. It covers tuition and living costs of international students. Utrecht University Excellence Scholarships is only available for bachelor’s and master’s degree students.



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