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Greek Government Scholarships

Greek Government Scholarships
Greek Government Scholarships

Greek Government Scholarships are good options for international students want to study in Greece. These scholarships are provided by Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. It is available for foreign undergraduate or postgraduate degree students in one of the Greece universities, and research students in Research Centers.  Every year many students up to 135 awarded with Greek Government Scholarships.

Greek Government Scholarships: Eligibility, Details

Scholarships consists monthly allowance. Amount changes according to degree of students; undergraduate students get 400 euro and postgraduate students get 450 euro per month. Scholarship is quite extensive; covers settlement expenses with 500-550 euro allowance. Scholarship also pays €150 annually for transportation costs. It also covers free medical treatment. But this situation is only available for public hospitals.

Students have already scholarship from the Greek Government; can’t apply to get new scholarship. There is also age limit for applicants. Undergraduate students born after 1.1.1989, and postgraduate or research students born after 1.1.1974 are eligible for Greek Government Scholarships. Candidates that have been accepted to postgraduate degree program can apply. Postgraduate students should know Greek. Undergraduate students that hold scholarship; initially awarded with 1 year scholarship to attend Greek language courses. Scholarships are available for any course available at Greek higher education institutions.

Scholarship lasts only 1 year for postgraduate studies; it is only available for academic year that scholarship is granted. PhD students can use this scholarship maximum 2 years.

If you interested with this scholarship; you need to apply Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.  You can get detailed information from official website of Greek Government Scholarships.


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