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Germany Scholarships for International Students

Germany Scholarships for International Students
Germany Scholarships for International Students

Germany is a good destination for international students. And Germany is one of the cheapest options in Europe for students. That makes it more popular and education quality supports this effect too. When costs compared with US and UK; you can see Germany is economic destination to study in foreign country.

There are different types of Germany scholarships for international students. Some of them are government funded; some of them are non-government and also universities can give their own scholarships too. One of the government scholarships is given by The German Academic Exchange Service and called as DAAD Scholarship; it offers to give scholarship to international students in various degrees. Erasmus+ is other government funded option. This scholarship provides living cost of international students.

Some foundations offer scholarship programs for students and these are non-government scholarship options. One of the most popular examples is Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships. This is available for students at master’s or PhD level. If you study science; consider Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships. It is provided by Bayer foundation and only appeals to science students. Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship is provided by Einstein Foundation and appeals to postdoctoral research students. This scholarship supports material need for researches too. Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Program supports highly successful students in German universities that comes from all around the world. This scholarship provides 300 EUR per month at least two semesters; but it can be extended according to your studies.

As I mentioned first; some scholarships are specific for university. You can find them from the website of the university that you will go.

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