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Eiffel Scholarships for International Students

Eiffel scholarships
Eiffel scholarships

Eiffel Scholarships for international students appeals to students in France. It is provided and established by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. The aim of this program is to attract succesfull international PhD and master’s students. The scholarship program lasts 12-36 months for master’s degree students; and ten months for PhD students. As I mentioned this program’s target are international students and appeals students in 3 main fields. These are master degree engineering students, economics and management students, and law students.

This scholarship does not cover tuition fees. For master’s degree students Eiffel scholarship pays €1,181 monthly. For PhD degree student scholarship allowance is €1,400 monthly. There are also some additional properties are included except this allowance. Your return trip, social security costs are provided by Eiffel Scholarship Program.

Eiffel Scholarship Program is only available for non-French students. Your language skills should meet the requirements of your courses. Some lessons are English and some of them are French. You need to be successful in language to get this scholarship. If you awarded with this scholarship for your master’s degree education; you have a change to get this scholarship for your PhD degree too. If you rejected once; you have no change to accept even if you apply for different degree or another study area.

Application Calendar for Eiffel Scholarships

Applications start October 15th 2015 and open until January 8th 2016. So; you need to prepare documents until 8th January. Your applications are examined by French Higher Education Institutions; and they see that you meet requirements or not. The results will be announced March 21th, 2016.


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