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FWO Special PhD Fellowship

FWO Special PhD Fellowship
FWO Special PhD Fellowship

FWO Special PhD Fellowship is offered by Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO) in Belgium. FWO is an agency that supports researches in all science areas. Belgium applicants, EU member nationality applicants and Switzerland applicants are eligible. This scholarship is only available for PhD degree students.

FWO Special PhD Fellowship: Eligibility and Details

FWO Special PhD Fellowship supports PhD students not employed in scientific research but already in employment. So they have to get leave certificate for 1 year. Scholarship allows students to complete PhD degree in one year. Clinicians are not eligible for get this scholarship. Applicants that are professionally involved in scientific research are not eligible. Fellowship supports all PhD degree courses; there is no restriction about it. Because of this is PhD degree program, all applicants must have master’s degree. Applicants that get FWO fellowship before; can’t apply for second time. Net grant amount is minimum €1,860.55.

First you need to contact with supervisor in Flemish university. Supervisor will guide you doing research program. Than FWO asks to write recommendation letter to your supervisor. After that; you can apply for FWO Special PhD Fellowship. Applications are done online by FWO e-portal. It is recommended to submit at least 1-2 weeks ago from deadline. Because FWO is not responsible unavailability of this we based system. Applicant have to apply until 1st February 2016. The FWO organizes an admission test to candidates that contains number of questions. This test is examined by ICM-FWO jury. Applicants that pass this test orally defend this application to jury. Than jury makes decision.


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