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Engineering International Scholarships

Engineering International Scholarships
Engineering International Scholarships

If you are planning to study abroad engineering; it is good to know you have many engineering international scholarships options. Engineering students have many opportunities in scholarship for all degrees in many country. That is very helpful to study abroad and improve yourself. Let’s take a look some of them here:

Engineering International Scholarships

Arkwright Scholarships Trust: This scholarship appeals first-year engineering students in UK universities. It is one of the most prestigious scholarships in engineering.

NI Engineering Scholarship Program: This program is available for students that study engineering, computer science and physics in UK. Scholarship is available first year of study.

University of Manchester Engineering Scholarships :This scholarship is funded by University of Manchester. It is available for undergraduate degree engineering domestic and international students at the University of Manchester.

AACE International Scholarships: This scholarship appeals US, Canadian and international students. This scholarship is awarded by AACE International Education Board. Scholarship is only available for full time programs.

IIE Scholarships and Fellowships : These scholarship appeals engineering students that are studying IIE-accredited universities in US.

AICHE John J McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship: This scholarship is offered by American Institute of Chemical Engineers. It is available for US chemical engineering students at undergraduate degree. Applications will be accepted early 2016.

ASHRAE Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships: Scholarship appeals to undergraduate degree science and engineering students.

KUT PhD Scholarships: This scholarship appeals PhD degree students in Kochi University of Technology. It is available for international students. Students that have master’s degree are eligible for this scholarship.


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