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Spanish Courses in Madrid

Spanish courses in Madrid
Spanish courses in Madrid

There are plenty of Spanish courses in Madrid. Madrid is popular place in Spain and best place learn Spanish. Madrid attracts millions of tourist every year. It is also center of business in Spain. City is thirth largest city of Europe. Spanish language schools in Madrid offer high quality language education and if you want to learn Spanish; it is the best choice!

Spanish Courses in Madrid

Cervantes Institute is the most famous institute for learning Spanish. Many courses are accredited by Cervantes Institute in Madrid. Many course options are waiting for you according to your Spanish level and need. One of the popular courses is Intensive Spanish. Lessons start from 10 lessons per week and reach up to 50 lessons according to your need. Premium Spanish class and one to one Spanish education are other choices. In addition to these courses; school prepares cultural activities for students to introduce them Spanish culture.

Many of Spanish courses in Madrid focus on DELE exam preparation. This exam is necessary for enrolling in a Spanish university. DELE is an international diploma that shows Spanish language proficiency. Many universities in Madrid and Spain requires DELE diploma.

According to language school you choose; accommodation options are changed. Some school has their own dormitory and also offers staying with host family. Hostels and rented rooms are your other choices. The cost of living is very affordable when it compared with other European countries. For example; average 1.000 EUR/month covers your all expenses to live in Spain.

You can both learn Spanish and have a good time in Madrid. Many Spanish Language Schools offer cultural activities for students.


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