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Sprachcaffe Malta

Sprachcaffe Malta
Sprachcaffe Malta

Sprachcaffe Malta is a language school in Malta. Sprachcaffe language schools have 22 years of experiences. School’s aim is to give quality language education as well as spend pleasant time with cultural and social activities. Building of  Sprachcaffe Malta is historical and  built in the early 20th century. It is classical Greek-style stone building and have nice atmosphere. School is located a quiet area of St. Julian but it is also closer to vibrant nightlife. This is really lovely place and sunny almost every month of year. Comfortable classrooms, apartments, a restaurant and gardens create an excellent working environment for the students.

 Sprachcaffe Malta : Details and Courses

General English: This course includes 20 lessons per week and it is suitable for students who want to learn English and have a nice holiday at the same time. Students can attend this course minimum 2 weeks. You can extend course as you want.

Exam preparation courses: This course includes 20 lessons per week and lasts maximum 12 weeks. It appeals who need to know the language at an advanced level in business or wishing to go to university abroad. Students who wish to join an exam at the end of the course and pass can get extra certificates. This certificate is recognized by various universities in the world.

Intensive English: This course includes more lessons to learn English quickly.

Business English: Courses are 30 hours per week. Also general English courses are given to support Business English. It is good to learn terms you use in your work life.


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