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Emerald Cultural Institute

Emerald Cultural Institute
Emerald Cultural Institute

Emerald Cultural Institute has over 25 years of educational experience. Students come here to learn English from all around the world. There are programs appeal to all age groups. Beginner to advanced level courses are for students of any age is available. The first day of school; test is performed to determine English level of students. Lessons are 60 minutes and include writing, speaking, listening, and reading. All the instructors are interested in students one to one.

Emerald Cultural Institute: Details

Emerald Cultural Institute is located in Dublin, Ireland. One of the campus is Milltown Park and the other one is  Palmerston Park. The school which is located in Palmerston Park consists of two structures. One of them is modern building and the other one is Victorian style mansion. Building has unique garden views and peaceful atmosphere. Many facilities are in this building. These are language and technology labs, reading and study rooms, library, wireless internet, canteen and restaurant.

The second is in Milltown Park and has safe and peaceful environment with magnificent natural beauties. Like Palmerston Park building; laboratories, study rooms, wireless internet are available. You can socialize with friends from many countries of the world in large student lounge and cafeteria.


  • General English
  • Intensive English
  • Business English
  • Academic English
  • Exam Preparation Courses (TOEFL, IELTS)

There are some activities in General English. Watching a movie, 1 time a week free cultural activities and sports activities. The numbers of activities increase for teen summer programs. Emerald Cultural Institute offers 2 different accommodation options as home stays and dormitory.



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