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Cavilam Language School

Cavilam Language School
Cavilam Language School

Are you looking for French course; Cavilam Language School is a good alternative! Cavilam is established in 1964 by the city of Vichy and Clermont- Ferrand University. Language school is located in the center of city and an international university campus in Vichy. It is easy to go Vichy by airplane and train. Vichy is a lovely city which is located in the center of France. City is famous with hot springs and parks. It is equipped with high-tech equipment.

Cavilam Language School: Details

Accommodation is optional; you can choose the option you like. These are; stay with host family, dormitories, apartments, and hotels. Other customization options that school offers are; personalized assistance for residence permit, account number, cultural activities, weekly entertainment and promotional programs.

Cavilam Language School is ideal for learning French due to high-quality education, 15-person classes; 750 square meters of university libraries; speaking workshops, and cultural activities. It is equipped with high-tech equipment. Cavillam offers French, intensive French, French Cuisine, French and Golf courses in Vichy. General courses consists 26 lessons per week. French Cuisine, French and Golf courses consists 32 lessons per week. Courses generally start every Monday, except public holidays.  1-52 week courses are available; you can choice length of course as you want.  Participants at all levels from A1 to C1 which starts from entry level to advanced level can apply courses.

In host family option students can just eat breakfast or breakfast and dinner with family as they want. Lunch is eaten at school. Other option is stay in residence, and students stay in single rooms.


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