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Why Study in Thailand?

 Why Study in Thailand?
Why Study in Thailand?

Thailand is good destination to study in South East Asia; in this post you can find the answer of why study in Thailand?

 Why Study in Thailand?

Thailand is totally exotic destination with wild life, and amazing islands. It is a popular destination of travel lovers. With unique culture, history and hospitality Thailand is good destination for foreign people. But what about education? Like the other countries in Asia; education is very important for Thailand too. There is a big competition among Thai students; they get exams to get into the best schools.  The Thai government aims to makes Thai universities best in science and technology. That makes here very well for international students. Many international students prefer studying such topics like ecology and the environment, agriculture in Thailand.

Thailand is affordable place and prices are really low. That is another important factor for international students. Food and living costs are really cheap. For example; you can eat a good dinner with $1 USD. If you have limited funding for studying abroad Thailand can be good alternative for you. Thailand food is very famous; you can taste amazing food here. There are so many great but also cheap restaurants all over the Thailand.

If you love animals and interested in them; Thailand is the one! You can ride an elephant here, it is a lovely experience! You can see beautiful tigers and monkeys in Thailand.

Beaches are very famous and people all around the world comes here for summer holiday. You can enjoy the world’s most beautiful beaches in Thailand. So; you both study in Thailand and have holiday.


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